D’Arcy Has Lettering Renewed

Thanks to Kathy Bond, a conservator at the Vancouver Art Gallery, D’Arcy has freshly painted lettering.  Ms. Bond supports our efforts restoring and maintaining heritage boats and we truly appreciate the favour.  Thank you Kathy.


D’Arcy, Vogler, Sam Mc Launched

The weather was perfect for the re-launching of the Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club’s fleet last saturday.  After a liberal dousing of champagne on the bows by Ms. Leanne O’Grady, the transom of D’Arcy dipped into the cool waters of English Bay for the first time in two years.  Ms. O’Grady was first to take to the oars and many members had a chance to row the sixteen-foot vessel.  All agreed that she is a fine rowing craft.



The Sam Mc and Vogler were taken sailing and rowing respectively.  A fine breeze filled the Sam Mc’s Sail and she tacked and jibed more than a few times.  Many members took the Vogler for a tour of the harbour.  All in attendance seemed pleased to be out in a boat or mingling dockside.  All three vessels now rest dockside awaiting their next voyage.

D'Arcy re-launched!


Sam Mc sailing in background, Vogler rowing in foreground.

Boat Launch @ The Boat Shed







The Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club will be launching its spring fleet on Saturday, April 14 between 12:00 and 16:00 and ALL ARE WELCOME!!  The boats will slip their moorings and club members will have a chance to take the boats out for the first time this season!

Members are encouraged to bring life jackets, their beverages of choice and barbeque-ables for the grill.

Non-members are welcome to visit us dockside at the Maritime Museum’s Heritage Harbour, 1905 Ogden Ave, Vancouver to check out the shed, the fleet, and the club.

On another note: Membership fees are due for 2012.  They are $30.00 before April 30 and $40.00 after that.  Oarlock and Sail Boat Users Group fee remains $50.00 per year.  Still a steal of a deal.

More Information at our website: http://www.woodenboatclub.ca