20th Anniversary Party!

This year celebrated 20 years of Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club. We held a barbecue at the dock with a launch of our first book, music by Arnt Jeffrey Arntzen, dinghy rides, tours of the float house with the newest ongoing build, the 12.5 sailing dinghy Gartside Riff and special guest Alison Knowles who started the club 20 years ago. Was a beautiful sunny day with lots of people, food, music and conversation. If you missed it here are some highlights….

Follow the balloons to the party!
Alison and Arnt getting ready for a row.

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Gartside Pram

Painting the Gartside Pram

Designed by Paul Gartside this little pram was for years a neglected club project. 2013, however, brought new energy to OLAS and the boat was completed. She sports red cedar planks on oak frames with douglas fir transoms.