2015 is off to a great start!

So far this year:

1.  NEW BROCHURE (thank you Benjamin)

2.  Gartside Pram SOLD

3.  MAKE PAYMENTS ONLINE at https://oarlockandsail.com/membership (thank you Boris)

4.  VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL BOATSHOW (thanks to all the volunteers)

5.  WORKSHOP ON SAILMAKING  (thank you Bob Ennenberg, Georgina and Peter)

6.  WINTER WANDER FESITVAL in partnership with Vancouver Maritime Museum

7.  GARTSIDE RIFF UPDATE sailing/rowing dingy current project (thanks to Arnt and all the volunteer builders)

Here are a few pics of events this year……

The Gartside Riff

IMG_1825 knees being put in


glued, screwed and plugged


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