SPRING UPDATE….Riff, Workshops, AGM, Sales, Member projects

  • AGM  date, place and guest speakers
  • RIFF update
  • FANCY PRAM is up for sale

Oarlock and Sail’s AGM * April 18 1-3

AGM will be followed by Brent Ash and Ed Sturgeon showing photos and talking about the restoration of Brent’s 46’ Sloop Ricochet, a1956 Kettenburg PCC Maritime Museum

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Oarlock and Sail’s Rob O’dea Interviewed on Hooked on Wooden Boats Podcast

One of our most active members and president of OLAS, Rob O’Dea gabs with ‘Wooden Boat’ Dan Mattson, author of the Hooked on Wooden Boats podcast about the club and his own adventures, including being dismasted while single-handing his 1956 Nova Scotian Sloop, Ern.


Hey! That’s him!

Check it out: