Saturday build and farewell to Ed!

Our October Saturdays are pretty busy with lofting and building the station molds for the Providence River Boat.  Last Saturday we also sat around after, ordered pizza, learned knot tying (thanks to Georgina for supplying the wonderful handmade kits) and heard stories from Ed about his next adventure.  Here are a few photos…..

view of our workshop and working on Ragna’s rig.
The plans for Providence
making the station molds from the lofted plans
we are using spruce for the station molds.
Our leader Ed for the Providence.
giving instructions on what next
Helene on the bandsaw making the station molds
this is the maquette of the Providence for reference
it takes teamwork to build a boat
Martha explaining what we do to some visitors.
This is Finn, the boat Ed built and will be towing back to Nova Scotia when he leaves in November. He will be missed and we wish him all the best on his new adventures!
Next week we make the big list with Ed with all the steps listed to build the Providence.


Getting ready for our next build!

Yes our IndieGoGo campaign is at an end but the fundraising is still going on.  We have raised over a third of the money but still looking for help.  Please join our club or contact us to donate.  We hope to build this Providence River Boat.


This was a boat documented by Howard Chapelle and built in 1875 by a man named Button Swan. It was once common at the head of Narragansett Bay, near Providence, Rhode Island.  The original boat was commonly used for crab fishing. It featured a live well and carried a huge gaff rig. The boat would be 12’ 4” long with a beam of 5’ 3”.  It’s got an unstayed cat rig with an optional head sail (jib).  The traditional type of building would be Lapstrake (Clinker) planks on steam bent hardwood frames (ribs).

News and Notes!

Lots has been happening these last few weeks of summer.

We have sold the Darcy to someone who wants to fix her up and get her sailing.  Nice to see her end up in a good home as she served us well.  Now we have room for our next build!

     P1250189  P1240487

Our board member Ed Sturgeon is moving to Halifax sometime in the next few months.  He will be sorely missed for his talents, humour and his lovely boat Finn.  We have asked him to stay on the board as it will be so cool to have a chapter of Oarlock and Sail in the Maritimes.  Does this make us a national organization?  Sounds good anyway!  So that being said we want to have a little bit of a send off on October 24th at 1pm at the Workshop after the regular Saturday morning work day.  Please bring your beverage of choice and $5 to chip in for pizza. This will be your chance to catch up on his story of why he is moving, where he is moving and how is that drive going to be over the mountains pulling Finn in the fall!  See you all there.

We have finished the IndieGoGo campaign and managed to raise just over a third of the money we need to build the Providence River Boat.  The Board will discuss how to raise the rest of it at our next meeting in November.  Thank you to everyone who put in the effort (and money) to get this fundraiser off the ground.

Our membership is growing and we have lots of plans in the works which include our regular Saturdays, more workshops and seminars organized by Georgina and our annual Xmas Party on Dec 8th.  We will keep you posted on all.