Riveting ribs on Vogler

Team work is the case here.  Everyone is pitching in and helping to restore Vogler to the lovely little boat she is.  Here is a bit of history about her.

A 12 foot lapstrake boat, circa 1920.  Donated to our club by fellow member Alasdair Gordon.  This vessel was originally built by Vogler Bros. Sea Craft in Victoria, BC. It spent many years at Yellow Point Lodge in the livery fleet and eventually came into the possession of the Gordon family where it served for many years as a recreational rowing boat. The club began restoration work in the autumn of 2002 and the little Volgler was re-launched in the fall of 2005.





Work on the Vogler continues!

Steam bending was quite fun and everyone learned a lot.


Just a box with a boiling pot and pipe attached is all the steam bender is.




Arnt made a knot to show how flexible the wood becomes.



All clamped up and ready for riveting.




Skippers Rob O’Dea and Arnt Arntzen sailed their two boats ODIN and ERN around Vancouver Island and completed 1.745 kilometers over 60 days.

They will be doing a talk and slide show in partnership with the Maritime Museum and Oarlock and Sail.

January 28, 2015           Vancouver Maritime Museum

doors open: 5:30 pm  *    slideshow  6:00 pm    * Q&A 7:15 pm

This is a free event but we will have a donation box and a silent auction of a 5 foot framed 1600’s Amsterdam Harbour print donated by David Stoodley.  All proceeds go directly to Oarlock and Sail.

Note:  the floathouse workshop will start its 2016 season Saturday Jan 9 at 10am.