Progress on the Buttonswan and our new boat!

The Buttonswan project is going to pick up speed now that everyone is getting back from the summer sailing season and ready to work.  On November 5th there will be a planning session down at the dock so we know what is ahead and can prepare supplies and tools.  Here are a few photos of the progress.

Our model and our boat
everything is numbered to keep order
Benjamin working on a model oar
Arnt, Tom and John marking for the transom
Daniel, Arnt and Brent fitting planks
Dale cutting the gains
love these large wood clamps we made
Bonita and Martha
clamps now holding the plank for riveting

Robert G Allan of Bowyer Island donated this sweet 12 foot rowing/sailing dinghy to our club.  It has been in his family for 30 years.  A bit of TLC and it will be ready for the 2017 sailing season.  Who will win the sailing race….Ragna or the new boat?  Oh that is right we now have two boats with no names.  The Buttonswan and our new boat…perhaps a contest this spring.



Our wharfingers Bruce and Sheila sent us an update on happenings at the dock and thought you might all want to know.

Ann Marie cast off last Friday on the first leg of her trip back to England. She is alongside at Brittania Heritage Shipyards until tomorrow when she will be hauled out next door at Trite. The new spars are waiting to be shipped and new canvas and running rigging has been ordered. The delivery crew have arrived, which should be a relief to Oz, and they are still hoping to head south soon.


We welcomed the newest addition to the fleet.  Ella McKenzie is a locally built 1951 tug boat. New owners Gideon and Bourton live close by and we are sure they will gladly answer any questions you have about their vessel.