AGM and members helping members.


Annual General Meeting
April 13, 2017
Vancouver Maritime Museum 1905 Ogden Avenue, Vancouver, BC
doors open at 5:30 – meeting 6:00 – 7:30
Please contact Rob O’Dea at 604-657-1999 for any questions.

here is our new piece of dock…look forward to making use of this

One of our members, Leif Arntzen has a 41′ Concordia Sloop named Polaris in New York and was lamenting to another of our members Arnt Arntzen, who happens to be his brother how he was feeling a bit overwhelmed re-gluing his mast.  Having helped his other brother, member Tom Arntzen and member Rob O’Dea build a completely new mast for ERN, he donned his cape and flew out east to help out.  Here are a few photos from the fix.


Polaris 2015 ready for the mast


Arnt helped to put the mast up in 2015 as well

here is the 2017 re-glue


with the help of nephew Evan, Leif made all the clamps


Winter once again!

Just thought I would share a few photos by Arnt Arntzen of the snow falls at the Heritage Marina.  It is unusual for us to have this much snow in Vancouver for sure.  Last week Arnt and Louise went out sailing in Ragna on the sunny afternoon after working on the Buttonswan and then the next day a lot of our members hit the slopes as it snowed again.