Vogler refinish

1-2019-05-10 17.30.00-1

Our trusty old 1920s rowboat, Vogler has now had her first coat of paint and varnish done, and is starting to look great – big thanks to Dale for the extra work during the week, to keep the project moving along!

A layer of Dolfinite bedding compound between the layers of wood will help keep the water out of the joints.  And the clipboard will fill up as the coats of varnish build up!

Other fun at the dock – we’re called on once in a while to help turn a boat around at the dock, as other owners do work on the boats, or get ready to leave the dock.  It’s always fun to handle the ropes like that!  And our club boats are getting out there regularly for some great fun.  We’ve started on an instructional video on how to rig Ragna, and hope to have that out soon, to enable more club members to enjoy the boats!  Meanwhile, we do have a printed set of rigging instructions at the shed, or available by email by request.

Another way to get involved with our dock neighbours is a fundraiser by Providence, a 64 foot 1903 gaff ketch built in Denmark, now starting sail-driven cargo service between Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and some of the southern gulf islands, and eventually planning to go as far as Costa Rica for coffee.  They’ve got some interesting offerings in return for funding: I’m looking forward to a day-sail with them – on a slightly bigger vessel than our little boats!

Help us launch Canada’s first Sail Cargo Service in the Salish Sea