Upcoming Heritage Harbour Classic

Next Sunday September 18 is the 6th annual Heritage Harbour Classic race, open to all the sailboats in the harbour, and accompanied by the spectator fleet of some of the power boats – come join in the fun! The race will be starting at 2pm, ending around 4pm, followed by a rowing/paddling race and a heaving line challenge, and wrapping up with a bbq and awards ceremony. Come early if you want to get on a boat, and please let us know in the comments if you’re planning on coming – we’ll need to make sure we’ve got enough food and space for everyone!

Enke is getting a minor refresh, hopefully completed before the race – but she’ll be getting out there, regardless. We’re putting in a new mast step to replace the too-small one that was in there, which was starting to wiggle a bit when tacking – NOT a good thing for it and the keel.

Dylan has mostly finished the second window frame, and it’s looking really good!

Duane is supplying this chisel sharpening station, which should be a HUGE benefit to our tool collection! It is mounted on a turntable, with a fine grinding stone on one side and a buffing wheel on the other, easily turned around so that the tool is presented to the wheel from the right direction and angle. He’s doing some minor adjustments, and needs to dress the grinding wheel to flatten it. I’m looking forward to trying it out!

If you’ve been down to the dock this week, you will have noticed a couple of empty spots – Ern, Anja, and Luna are currently down in Port Townsend for the Wooden Boat Festival! Valerie sent this photo of Ern and Anja nested in amongst the fleet. We’re looking forward to hearing all about their adventure next weekend after they return!

Hope to see you a the Heritage Harbour Classic on Sunday!