New boat project!


We have started construction of our next boat – or at least the strongback which is the foundation for the boat build!  The design is an Iain Oughtred “Auk”, a 7′-5″ lapstrake dinghy.  The boat will serve as a tender for one of our members – Brent and his 46′ Kettenburg PCC “Richochet”.  We’ve decided to build it in riveted yellow cedar planking instead of glued lapstrake as originally planned.  Nice to keep it traditional!

It’s a pretty small frame, and it’s been suggested that we double up, and build another one alongside, taking advantage of the efficiency of multiples – I’m afraid we’d quickly find out that it’s not quite as small as that!

07-2019-12-14 13.02.02

Before we get started on the molds and keel, we tested the frame’s strength with some pizza and beer, supplied by Sheila & Bruce as part of the Christmas decoration award ceremony.  They had put out the challenge to the harbour boat owners to decorate, and then had a draw amongst the participants for a bottle of rum.  Some of the award ceremony can be seen in a YouTube video by Barry, owner of Dagon and First Mate on Providence.  Oarlock & Sail got a special award for our Grinch display, which is attracting a lot of attention on the dock!  Watch the rest of Barry’s video for a glimpse into the day-to-day work involved in keeping (bigger) wooden boats afloat.

Do come down during the many hours of dark, to see the harbour in all its coloured lights!  The gate at the top of the ramp is locked after the False Creek Ferries stop running, but you can enjoy the lights from shore, or if you’re a member, you can get the combination for the lock.

08-2019-12-14 11.36.40

Anja was getting a mockup of the new cabin-top that Arnt & Valerie will be building – it’s looking so good, and will give them headroom inside.  Barry’s video shows a bit of it.

15-2019-12-07 12.15.30

It will be fun to get working on the new project!  We hope you come down to the shed to take part, or at least to take a look at what we’re up to – the door is always open (or openable) to visitors!  Merry Christmas!

Relaunch of Venus


Yesterday we celebrated the relaunch of Venus, the cold-molded Davidson dinghy we’ve refurbished.  The boat came to us a little worse for wear, with a lot of delamination, and  a temporarily patched hole in her bottom.  We’ve learned a lot over the course of the project, building up the layers for a much better patch!

Suitable drinks and food were procured and laid out on the workbench in the shed, and a proper painter was spliced on.

Short and enjoyable speeches were given by Rob, our club president, and Joost, owner of the boat and Director of the Maritime Museum, after which Venus received a splash of champagne, and was put in the water.  Joost claims this was his first crack at rowing (which none of us believed), and he had a short and easy row, past his bigger boat, Milo, for which Venus will be a tender.

Festivities carried on in the shed for a while – it was a great time!

Other activities were also going on – Button Swan received her cover, thanks to Tom for all your work on that!!  It looks excellent, and will be great protection from the otters and the rain!

A bit over a week ago, the call went out from Sheila & Bruce, challenging Heritage Harbour residents to decorate their boats for the holidays.  A flurry of emails went around in Oarlock & Sail, and before long, a plan was set in motion to make a display using the Fancy Pram.  Last Saturday we cut it out, and it was painted during the week, with the final touches yesterday, and it got assembled on the dock.  Turned out wonderfully, and we expect it will be a hit with the public!  Button Swan got a string of lights, as well as a string around the shed roof.


In the shed, the plans for our next project were put up on the wall, ready for next week – we plan to get a start on the strongback and molds, before we turn to our holiday celebrations (starting at 1:00).  Hope to see you there!

19-2019-11-30 16.21.43