Calendar of Events

This calendar has events that OLAS is involved with and other events that pertain to boats as well.  Click on the event in the calendar to see times and venues.

2 Replies to “Calendar of Events”

  1. Hi there: I stumbled upon your info through the Granville island Boat Festival. I’ve worked on refinishing an old boat with my son and loved working with the wood. Are you currently working on a project, or do those take place in the winter? I live in Abbotsford and don’t know if I’d join – a pretty far trip every Saturday, but if there is a project on, i’m intrigued to come….hm…looking forward to your reply – Tracey Tobin

    1. Hi Tracey, we meet every Saturday from 10 till 1 or so, and are quite far along in our current build. Typically, summer is a bit of a slow period, with a lot of members away. Now that it’s fall, we’ll be back to full strength!

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