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Membership to Oarlock and Sail (OLAS) is a yearly fee of $45 + ($5 admin fee).   As a member you can learn or hone your skills building and repairing wooden boats.

You will automatically receive an email to notify you that your membership is up and there will be a link called “plan management” where you can make any changes.  If you run into any problems please contact us and we will help you out.



Members of Oarlock and Sail may also join the ‘Oarlock and Sail Boat Users Group’, or OSBUG. Members of OSBUG are able to use the Club’s boats, unsupervised, for short outings around False Creek and English Bay.

The cost for joining OSBUG is $55 + ($5 admin fee) per year. This fee helps cover the cost of insurance.

Currently available boats are the Vogler (rowboat), Ragna (row / sailboat), Enke (row / sailboat), and Button Swan (rowboat, or sailboat for experienced crew of two).

Sign up for Membership
(please note there is a $5 fee for signing up online)

We have moved to a digital membership form. Click the button below to get started.


Oarlock and Sail New Member package

Welcome to Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club.  Great to have you aboard!  As you know by now our mandate is “everything small wooden boat”.

We build, row and sail our boats and are working hard to keep Vancouver’s history of boat building alive and well.  The club was started in 1994 by two women who wanted to build their own boats.

Your membership includes the following:

  1. The society is currently spearheaded with a volunteer Board of Directors.
  2. An active website and blog.
  3. Hands on building takes place on the Maritime Museum’s Heritage Dock (1905 Ogden Ave) in our float house workshop.  Every Saturday morning (approx. 10am to 1pm) there is at least one lead boat builder and other members working on the current project.

You can see the schedule of all of our events on the calendar page.

In order to take our boats out you have to complete the following steps:

  1. Pleasure Craft Operator Card to completely understand the rules of water safety,  It can be taken on line at
  2. sign a waiver for insurance purposes at the float house workshop
  3. get the combination for access to the dock
  4. orientation of where the sign-out sheet, life jackets, sails and oars are stored
  5. there is a google calendar on our site where you can reserve a boat so everyone knows when the boats are out or reserved.Email Valerie for invite to google calendar.

Other benefits are:

  • workshops for members
  • field trips for members
  • participation in Wooden Boat Festivals
  • Annual members “dock barbecue”
  • Invitation to “Heritage Classic” dock race

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