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Club Boats

Button Swan


Providence River Boat (gaff rigged crabbing boat)
We launched May 2018
12′ 4″ Length 5′ 3″ Beam Circa 1875
We owe a huge thanks to all who contributed through Indigogo!

Robert Allan


Robert G Allan donated this 12 foot sailing/rowing boat.  It has been in his family for 30 years on Bowyer Island but originally came from Jericho Sailing Club.   It is cedar planked on oak frames with mahogany trim.  Sail is a sliding gunter rig.  We re-launched December 2018 as Enke.




Ragna, a Paul Gartside Riff design. A fine sailing craft built in cedar strips and sheathed in fiberglass cloth.    We launched May 2015.




wind is light but she is sailing

wind is light but she is sailing

Gartside Pram


SOLD Designed by Paul Gartside this little pram was for years a neglected club project. 2013, however, brought new energy to OLAS and the boat was completed. She sports red cedar planks on oak frames with douglas fir transoms.



SOLD A 16 1/2 foot, red and yellow cedar, lapstrake rowboat built in 1975 for the O’Grady family and donated to the club in 2006 by Liane O’Grady. This boat features three rowing stations.  We just sold this boat to a man who lives on Bowen and wants to row it to his other place on Gambier so he will repair it and also rig it for sailing.  A good home for her indeed!

Sam Mac

Sam Mc

SOLD The Sam Mac is named after Sam McKinney, who built the floating workshop shed at the Heritage Harbour. He helped our club get established at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Construction on Sam Mc started on May 25, 2001 and the Sam Mc was launched in October of 2002. A member of our club has bought the boat to teach kids to sail.

Fancy Pram


This pram was the clubs first build and was made to lines lifted from a boat built by Mr. A.C. Fancy in Coal Harbour circa 1920-1950. With western red cedar planking over oak frames, this rugged little carvel-planked, seven-foot tender was launched in September of 2000.



A 12 foot lapstrake boat, circa 1920. Donated to our club by fellow member Alasdair Gordon. This vessel was originally built by Vogler Bros. Sea Craft, at Victoria, B.C. It spent many years at Yellow Point Lodge in the livery fleet and eventually came into the possession of the Gordon family where it served for many years as a recreational rowing boat. The club began restoration work in the autumn of 2002 and the little Vogler was re-launched in the fall of 2005.


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