Whiskey Plank in Memory of Dick


“The Board and Members of the Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club are sad to announce the passing of Dick Wagner, founder and 30-year champion of the Seattle Centre for Wooden Boats. Our condolences to Dick, his family and his friends. This coming Saturday as we install the last strake (the “whiskey plank”) on our latest wooden boat project we will be raising a glass to toast Dick’s legacy.”

AGM, NYC boat work, Buttonswan update and a couple great video links!

The AGM was held April 13, 2017 and the new board is up and running.  One of our board members left, thanks Peter Pierobon and we welcome Daniel Freisen.  All the rest of us got voted back on and look forward to another year of boating and building.

Leif Arntzen our member in New York with Polaris has his new mast stepped and here are a few more pics leading up to that.


The whiskey plank on the Buttonswan is being planned for April 29th if all goes well.
A few pics by Arnt and Georgina Arntzen on work at the dock.

Martha and Brent

The Martha and Brent team!

Martha sawing

Dale Bailing

Dale…first we bail and then we row!

Dale rowing

Is this our new uniform?



The Buttonswan progress!


Also here are a couple of cool links:

*this one of Daniel sailing with Odin

*this one from the Off Center Crew about building a boat over the summer with some kids.  Pay special attention to how to tie a figure eight knot for the painter by the blonde boy …. so hilarious and you will never forgot how to tie it!!

AGM and members helping members.


Annual General Meeting
April 13, 2017
Vancouver Maritime Museum 1905 Ogden Avenue, Vancouver, BC
doors open at 5:30 – meeting 6:00 – 7:30
Please contact Rob O’Dea at 604-657-1999 for any questions.

here is our new piece of dock…look forward to making use of this

One of our members, Leif Arntzen has a 41′ Concordia Sloop named Polaris in New York and was lamenting to another of our members Arnt Arntzen, who happens to be his brother how he was feeling a bit overwhelmed re-gluing his mast.  Having helped his other brother, member Tom Arntzen and member Rob O’Dea build a completely new mast for ERN, he donned his cape and flew out east to help out.  Here are a few photos from the fix.


Polaris 2015 ready for the mast


Arnt helped to put the mast up in 2015 as well

here is the 2017 re-glue


with the help of nephew Evan, Leif made all the clamps


Winter once again!

Just thought I would share a few photos by Arnt Arntzen of the snow falls at the Heritage Marina.  It is unusual for us to have this much snow in Vancouver for sure.  Last week Arnt and Louise went out sailing in Ragna on the sunny afternoon after working on the Buttonswan and then the next day a lot of our members hit the slopes as it snowed again.



Here are some photos taken by Bruce Macdonald (wharfinger of Maritime Heritage Marina and OLAS member) today of Ragna out for a sail.  The sailor today is Arnt who was also the lead on this build.  She sure looks pretty!



Well this is what the team faced last Saturday when they arrived at the workshop!
Our shop is quite small really and with all the tools, supplies and
a boat hung on the side of the shed it is a lot of weight.


That is some crazy angle!


Arnt and Daniel shoveling off the roof.

We also participated in the Winter Wander festival in partnership with the Maritime Museum and Georgina manning the knot tying station for the few brave souls who ventured out on the stormy day.  Thanks everyone!

2017 another year of building!

Well it has been a great year for progress on the Buttonswan project.  We now have 4 planks a side now and raring to add more.


Dale rivetting

There are new boats on the dock.  One of our members Alesandro brought his wood sail boat around 38 feet to the dock and is working on it. There is also the former 58′ RCMP vessel, Nadon which will be used for tours and meetings.  The Vancouver Maritime Museums’s Executive Director, Ken Burton was the commander when it circumnavigated North America.  (no picture yet) Thanks to Bruce (our member and wharfinger for the update and both him and Sheila send everyone best wishes for the new year!)

Alesandro’s Boat

Nightwind will be casting off this month and a new boat Winsome 111, a Lapworth 36′ built in Vancouver in 1959 by J.P. Taylor will be arriving.

The shed will be getting new windows (finally!!) as John has measured up and bought the wood and will get that project going this month.  Only other dock news is to not turn off the fresh water hose if it is running during the cold snap as it will freeze.  Thanks to everyone for a fabulous 2016 and look forward to lots more events in 2107.



Progress on the Buttonswan and our new boat!

The Buttonswan project is going to pick up speed now that everyone is getting back from the summer sailing season and ready to work.  On November 5th there will be a planning session down at the dock so we know what is ahead and can prepare supplies and tools.  Here are a few photos of the progress.

Our model and our boat
everything is numbered to keep order
Benjamin working on a model oar
Arnt, Tom and John marking for the transom
Daniel, Arnt and Brent fitting planks
Dale cutting the gains
love these large wood clamps we made
Bonita and Martha
clamps now holding the plank for riveting

Robert G Allan of Bowyer Island donated this sweet 12 foot rowing/sailing dinghy to our club.  It has been in his family for 30 years.  A bit of TLC and it will be ready for the 2017 sailing season.  Who will win the sailing race….Ragna or the new boat?  Oh that is right we now have two boats with no names.  The Buttonswan and our new boat…perhaps a contest this spring.