D’Arcy Has Lettering Renewed

Thanks to Kathy Bond, a conservator at the Vancouver Art Gallery, D’Arcy has freshly painted lettering.  Ms. Bond supports our efforts restoring and maintaining heritage boats and we truly appreciate the favour.  Thank you Kathy.


D’Arcy, Vogler, Sam Mc Launched

The weather was perfect for the re-launching of the Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club’s fleet last saturday.  After a liberal dousing of champagne on the bows by Ms. Leanne O’Grady, the transom of D’Arcy dipped into the cool waters of English Bay for the first time in two years.  Ms. O’Grady was first to take to the oars and many members had a chance to row the sixteen-foot vessel.  All agreed that she is a fine rowing craft.



The Sam Mc and Vogler were taken sailing and rowing respectively.  A fine breeze filled the Sam Mc’s Sail and she tacked and jibed more than a few times.  Many members took the Vogler for a tour of the harbour.  All in attendance seemed pleased to be out in a boat or mingling dockside.  All three vessels now rest dockside awaiting their next voyage.

D'Arcy re-launched!


Sam Mc sailing in background, Vogler rowing in foreground.

Boat Launch @ The Boat Shed







The Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club will be launching its spring fleet on Saturday, April 14 between 12:00 and 16:00 and ALL ARE WELCOME!!  The boats will slip their moorings and club members will have a chance to take the boats out for the first time this season!

Members are encouraged to bring life jackets, their beverages of choice and barbeque-ables for the grill.

Non-members are welcome to visit us dockside at the Maritime Museum’s Heritage Harbour, 1905 Ogden Ave, Vancouver to check out the shed, the fleet, and the club.

On another note: Membership fees are due for 2012.  They are $30.00 before April 30 and $40.00 after that.  Oarlock and Sail Boat Users Group fee remains $50.00 per year.  Still a steal of a deal.

More Information at our website: http://www.woodenboatclub.ca

Fraser River Skiff complete with new oars

The Fraser River Skiff at the Fraser River Discovery Centre in New Westminster has finally received its completed set of oars.  The leather collars on the oars were started at a club meeting last winter under the guidance of Dave Bradford of Alder Bay Boats.  Club members completed the oars in the subsequent weeks (months?), and now the oars are at their new home in the Fraser River Skiff.

Fraser River Skiff complete wit new oars


OLAS Annual General Meeting

The Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club will be holding its Annual General Meeting  2012

at 7:30pm on March 22, 2012, at AlderBay Boats, 1247 Cartwright St, on Granville Island.

 Agenda items will be as follows;

 Call to order.

 Adoption of the minutes of the previous AGM.

 Presidents report.

         Boat shed flotation

         Wooden boat festival

         Boat show

         Current projects

         Launching of Darcy

         Membership dues are due

Financial report.

Insurance coverage.

Oarlock and Sail Boat Users Group (OSBUG).

Website and Blog.

Election of officers for 2012.



After the business portion of the meeting we will have a tool sharpening workshop.

 One of our members, Ed Sturgeon, will give a demonstration on tool sharpening.  Anyone with tools to sharpen is welcome to bring them, along with a sharpening stone for some hands-on practice and an exchange of knowledge and experience.

 Our Annual Dues for 2012 are now due.  Membership forms will  be available at the meeting, or can be found on the website – http://www.woodenboatclub.ca


March 3rd boat shed update

Bit by bit things are getting accomplished in the boat shed.  Last week was exciting, with 90km winds battering the shed.  Fortunately the windstorm occurred on a saturday, so members were on hand to retrieve fenders that had been pushed under the dock, add more fenders, and generally make things secure.  Some minor damage occurred where the shed was rubbing up against the dock.

The week before, new overhead lumber storage racks were built in the shed, allowing us to store more long pieces of lumber up off the floor.  This week Darcy was turned over in preparation for having her name painted on the transom.  This might sound easy, but Darcy is a big boat, and needs several people to turn her over.  Plus, three other boats had to be moved out of the shed first, then back in afterward.  The bandsaw and sanding centre have been placed in their new locations.

A very full boat shed with four boats inside.


Boats temporarily on the dock.
Darcy's transom ready for name painting

Once Darcy has her name on the transom (hopefully in a couple of weeks), we should be able to move her out of the shed to make some space.  Also coming up will be our Annual General Meeting in the next couple of weeks.

Vancouver International Boat Show 2012

OLAS was at the Vancouver International Boat Show (Feb. 9-12) as part of the Wooden Boat Alley display.  We had our partly completed Gartside Pram on display, and Gerry Stensgaard even added a couple of planks during the show.  There were also a pair of oars which received some shaping.  This was a popular activity with young boaters.  The Wooden Boat Alley booth attracted a lot of attention from the Boat Show public and also from the media.  The Boat Show is a great opportunity for the club to get exposure to the boating community.  Plus the Wooden Boat Alley booth provides the Boat Show with a  popular attraction that adds character and interest to the Show.  We would like to thank all the Volunteers that came out and helped to set up our booth, man the booth during the show, and take everything down at the end.  Rod Tait at Orca Boats has generously offered to store the Booth at his shop so that we can do it again next year.

New Flotation for our Boat Shed

Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club

January 10, 2012 Update

foam-filled flotation blocks ready for installation


We are pleased to announce that the new floatation has been installed in the Boat Shed today.  The shed is now floating six or seven inches higher than before, and is very stable.  Our Shed Committee, headed by Robert Buller, arranged for the purchase of six tough plastic bins filled with Styrofoam.  Each of these bins provides approximately 800 pounds of flotation.  Skookum Yacht Services from Granville Island donated their time to install the new floats.  The installation was a challenging job, involving the attachment of 800 lbs of lead to each float, sinking the float into position and then transferring the 800 lbs of lead to the next float.  The Skookum guys did a “skookum” job, and although a bit time consuming, the process went off without a hitch.

Lead weights attached by divers to submerge flotation
800 pounds of lead attached and ready to slide under the shed

So now that the Boat Shed has plenty of flotation, we can begin to resume our boatbuilding activities.  There is plenty to be done over the next few weeks.  We need to complete the construction of the workbench on the north side of the shed, and then bring our tools out of storage and install them in the shed.  The Darcy will need to have her bottom painted so that we can get her out into the water.  We may need to rent a heater in order to help the paint dry.  Before painting, the Darcy still needs her waterline finalised and taped – this is a bit of a challenge that some of our more experienced members may want to help with.  So there is lots to do and you can expect that something will be going on at the Boat Shed every Saturday.  Our usual start time is 10:00am.

Also on the horizon is the Vancouver Boat Show – Feb. 8-12.  We will be looking for volunteers to help set up our booth (Feb 7 or 8), to man the booth during the show (especially evenings and the weekend), and to take down the booth (Feb 12th, in the evening).  We plan on having a “working” booth.  We will take the partially completed Pram that is hanging up in Dave Bradford’s shop and set it up at the Boat Show and do some work on it during the show.  After the Boat Show we will take the Pram to the Boat Shed and it will become our next boat-building project!