Button Swan Launch Date – May 5, 2018!


We have set a date for the launch of the Button Swan – May 5, 2018, and in the last few weeks, work on the boat has been going at a fever pitch!  Most of the seemingly small details, each of which still takes some time, have been ticked off the list, and it’s coming together beautifully!

May 5th also marks the 90th anniversary of the St Roch’s launch, and to mark the occasion, the Vancouver Maritime Museum and OLAS are teaming up to do something special.  The Button Swan launch is set for 11am, and then the rest of the fleet in Heritage Harbour are being encouraged to set sail out of the harbour.  After a short time in English Bay, we’ll be returning to harbour, and having a BBQ on the dock (details to follow).  Should make for a fun day!

Thanks to Dale Simonson for the fantastic job he’s been doing documenting the build – here are some of his photos, and if you like these, take a look through the rest of his album of the Button Swan.


One Reply to “Button Swan Launch Date – May 5, 2018!”

  1. Hi guys,

    Just came across your site browsing the web for folks knowledgeable about traditional wooden boat crafts in Vancouver.

    I’m looking for some help to repair/modify a traditional bronze rudder pinttle fitting. Any idea who, around the Vancouver area, does that sort of bronze hardware work?


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