Heritage Harbour Swap’n’Shop

We had a great turnout on the dock for the first annual Heritage Harbour Swap’n’Shop – lots of fascinating things to look through, and though we didn’t get a whole lot of shoppers, there was a steady flow of money changing hands.  Oarlock and Sail sold some books and magazines, as well as a sweet looking vintage soda siphon which was donated (thanks Marty!).  Some vendors bought more than they sold, but hey, some of that may be resold next year – hopefully we’ll get more buyers!

2018-06-02 11.05.532018-06-02 11.06.112018-06-02 11.06.39

At the end of the sale, one of our dock neighbors donated a sweet pair of oars to the club!

2018-06-03 10.27.32

After the sale, some more prep work was done on rigging the Button Swan.  Here, the bowsprit is being tested for flexing – looks strong enough to lift the boat out of the water!

2018-06-02 11.12.18

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