Relaunch of the Enke

01-2018-12-08 11.54.59

Yesterday we finished our refurbishment of the boat that was donated to us by Robert and Enneke Allan.  We’ve been working on it over the past few months, replacing the centerboard trunk, stern knee, and mast step, as well as repairing a few other parts.

After a repainting and varnishing, all that was left to do was oiling and installing the floorboards, mounting the rudder gudgeons, and raising the standard.

Then we took her out to the dock to get acquainted with our other boats, performed a brief ceremony, and relaunched her as “ENKE”, named after Enneke Allan, who christened her with a splash of rum.  A couple of rounds of rowing followed, where she was pronounced a fine and speedy craft, and she took up her place at our dock, ready for enjoyment by our club members!

The boat shop didn’t remain empty for long, as we brought Ragna in for a (much less extensive) refurbishment, with some repair needed to her gunwales, thinning the centerboard to prevent jamming, and a thorough varnishing job.  It will be great to get her back in tip-top shape!

13-2018-12-01 12.01.59

Last week we made a visit to a local boat-builder who, sadly, was closing up shop, and offered us some of his remaining wood supply.  We’re sorry to see Dave Bradford closing Alder Bay Boat Company, and wish him well in his next adventure.  We plan to use this wood supply on some of our upcoming work.

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