Vogler relaunch

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There she is, ready for many more miles of rowing!  The Vogler turned out beautifully, with new seats in yellow cedar, and fresh varnish and paint.  We put her back in the water on Saturday.

Her bottom paint is now a nice blue, which goes very well with the bright white above water.

Dale promptly took her out for a quick row – the first of many!  It’s great to get the boat back in the water again and looking her best.

Last Wednesday we had Ragna and Button Swan out for a beautiful and peaceful evening of sailing – the wind seemed to die down just as we did a practice rigging, but came up again, so we went out for a couple of hours, and it was wonderful!

It’s always nice to see other small boats arriving at our dock – one of the owners with a larger boat also has this little beauty, built by Dave Bradford at Alder Bay Boat Company – nice to see one of his boats out on the water!  Also, Dale S. had his SCAMP Luna, a sweet little cruiser out for some sailing, and took a few people out in it.

Button Swan and Ragna, enjoying a gorgeous sunset!

One Reply to “Vogler relaunch”

  1. I have just found my first boat, which l called ‘Spot’, on your web site. She is the yellow and blue gunter rigged 12’x4′ dinghy. Rows beautifully too. She is by Charles Mower, of whom it is said, he never drew a poor boat. The design name is ‘Buster’. Yet another of the boats l should not have let go. I sold her, with a trailer, to a French couple who had rowing boats for hire.
    I built her in a one car garage at the back of a house on SE Marine Drive, near Victoria Drive. All bush at the back of the house in those days. I was at UBC at the time and allowed myself Friday evenings and half of Saturdays to work on her; homework was a bit of a time-consuming nuisance. I was in the back alley with a steam box bending frames on chilly winter’s evenings, until quite late at night. Not the best organiser in town.
    Dave Phillips

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