Heritage Harbour Classic 4

It was Winsome III’s year at the 4th annual Heritage Harbour Classic last Saturday – though it certainly didn’t start out to be! She was one of the last off the dock, the starting horn had long gone by the time she hit the start line, and the usual light breeze was favouring the smaller boats, but Steve and his young crew fought bravely, crossing the line just a minute or so before the 2nd place boat. A dramatic come-from-behind win, for a boat that’s quite used to winning!

IF we were serious about handicapping, there’s no doubt that Enke sailed by Ingrid would be the clear winner!! With a waterline around a 1/4 of Winsome III’s, and a fraction of the sail area even without the big spinnaker, she still managed to finish just a few boat lengths behind, in 2nd place.

Coming in 3rd was the lovely Ern, skippered by Tom, and probably the winner if we we were counting distance travelled during the race. The light and shifting breeze had everyone hunting for wind.

Wishing that the course had been cut off at about the 3/4 length was Button Swan. With a strong start at the windward end alongside Anja, the little boat built up an enormous lead over the rest of the field, only to have the wind abate at the 3/4 distance, leaving her wallowing around for several minutes while the others caught up, took a different line, and passed her.

The Ella McKenzie served as committee / photography chase boat, and is always a beautiful sight out on the water! This year she also helped one of the fleet off the dock, necessitated by an out-of-service engine. Thanks Bourton!!

The rest of the fleet consisted of Querencia, Luna, Sylvester, Moonbeam, Dagon, and Anja. So many great looking boats out there!!

After the sailboats were all back at the dock, the rowboats came out to play – even the Fancy Pram got pulled out from under the bench in the shed and pressed into service! Everyone made it around the course without going for a swim, so that’s a pretty good record. First across the line was Mattias in Feather – nice rowing!

The proud winners of the sailing race, with their prizes – the pennant will be no doubt be hung with pride from Winsom III’s rigging!

Thanks to Valerie and Dale for the photos. Take a look at the rest of the collection on OLAS’s Google photos, including Enke’s sneaky move up close and personal with the freighter, and be sure to watch for the video Duane is putting together – in fact, go subscribe to his Youtube channel for his always-enjoyable video reports!

A big thanks to Bruce & Sheila for organising the race – it was a fantastic time!

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