We were absolutely shocked this week to receive word from our wharfinger Bruce:

I am writing to you with the very sad news that my wife and partner of 38 years, Sheila Macdonald, died suddenly yesterday evening aboard ship. Her death does not appear to be Covid related.

Sheila devoted her life to helping others. She worked at such places as the CNIB, March of Dimes, Group Homes for people with severe mental and physical disabilities, as well as our bookstore.

She was a caring and loving mother to our two daughters and two foster children.

We sailed thousands of miles together using the sails that she sewed. She was also very skilled at woodworking and her passion for cooking and baking was always appreciated. She was 62 years old.

As per her request there will be no service.

She will be sorely missed.


We , their Oarlock & Sail family, extend our condolences to Bruce at this time of painful loss. Many of our members have asked to pass along their thoughts, and want him to know that we care deeply.

Sheila was such a kind and caring presence at Heritage Harbour, and we will all miss her so terribly much.

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