The summer is flying by, faster than ever, it seems! We’ve been slowly working on the Acorn tender in the shop, a few people at a time, and have reached a major milestone – last week the last of the planking was fastened, and the boat was flipped upright! She looks awesome with mahogany sheer strakes and yellow cedar planking. Next up will be the steam-bent oak frames (and all the many rivets that go along with that).

In July our Safety Committee did a capsize (and recovery) demonstration with Ragna, and put together a Sailing Safely document to help keep everyone happy and safe. If you’re an OSBUG member (or otherwise interested), please watch the video and read the document for some great advice and guidance.

Luna, Anja (with her tender, Feather), and Ern

Our members have been out cruising quite a bit, and a few even managed to meet up in Plumper Cove in Howe Sound. This was before Dale & Chris had the excitement of Luna’s dismasting! After they made their way back to Heritage Harbour, the offers of a temporary replacement mast came pouring in, and Brent donated a spar that Dale adapted successfully. After that, Dale & Chris got back out for more cruising – always an adventure and a story!

Part of Dale & Chris’s travels took them to Vancouver Island, where they met up with Ingrid, and handed over stewardship of their Gartside 14′ sailboat! After Ingrid got a bit frightened by the amount of sail, she brought the sail back to our shop, and with Bruce’s advice and sewing machine, she added two reef points to the sail, hopefully making it a lot more manageable. It was great to see Ingrid again, and get out for a sail together!

The happy winners of last year’s
Heritage Harbour Classic

An upcoming event to keep in mind is the 5th annual Heritage Harbour Classic, planned for September 19th. Stay tuned for more information, but a suggestion for an added event this year is a heaving line challenge, using a monkey’s fist made by the participant. There are other new things afoot for the Classic, including a possible change of classifications.

BIG news at the harbour is the departure of the former RCMP ship Nadon! A bunch of us met at high tide a few weeks ago to help move her from her former berth to the outer dock ready for Ella McKenzie to tow her to Shelter Island the next day. There, she’ll undergo a refit to hopefully serve as a research vessel – I’d say that’s a perfect fit for her!

The change of scenery is spectacular! Two new additions (well, one was a returning vessel) fit in SO nicely! The returning vessel is Odin, under her new owner – great to have the lovely little yellow boat back. Also welcome Rhinegold, a 1911 motor yacht, a beautiful classic!

Heritage Harbour

The Vancouver Maritime Museum has added a page on their website highlighting our home, the Heritage Harbour. Nice to see that feature!

An upcoming exhibition at the museum looks interesting – watch for it coming up September 16th.

I think that’s all for now – it’s been a while since our last post, and I’m sure I’ve missed a few things! Hope to see you down at the dock soon.

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