Last week we were busy applying varnish and paint, to both the new Acorn and our rowboat Vogler. The Acorn is looking amazing with the white paint and varnished Sapelle sheer strake!

The Vogler has new varnish on the thwarts and gunwales, and we’ve started with paint on the interior.

It feels great to be getting the boats to this stage. Thanks to Dale, Dylan, and Nick who came during the week to apply several coats of varnish!

Today was a gorgeous day, and it would have been a shame not to get out sailing. We’re having a bit of a problem with our insurance, and so our fleet is grounded for the moment. Thankfully, Arnt stepped up and brought down the sails for their boat, Anja, and took a few of us out for a wonderful sail! Before our insurance ran out last month, a couple of us got out for a January sail in Ragna and Enke. Hopefully things will get resolved soon, and we can get back to enjoying our beautiful little boats!

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