Bruce’s latest book launch

Our wharfinger, guardian, and resident author Bruce has a new book out – “Never Say P*g: The Book of Sailors’ Superstitions”. Hmm, I wonder if this should be instituted as required reading before you take OLAS boats out on the bay… The official book launch is this coming Thursday, May 26th, in person at the Vancouver Maritime Museum at 6:30pm, and also online starting at 7:00 (though you’ll be responsible for your own drinks). Registration is free, but pre-registration is required – let’s fill that room to the point where the fire department has to send in someone to have a stern talking to us! The book is available in the Museum giftshop as well, if you can’t make it that night, and I’m sure Bruce would still sign the book for you if you ask nicely enough or bring a dog treat for Luna.

Since our last talk, there’s been a whole bunch of painting and varnishing done. Ragna and Button Swan’s spars got several coats of new varnish – HUGE thanks to all who took part in building up the coats last week! Ragna’s fresh paint looks amazing, and after putting her in the water a week ago she got reunited with her spars this past Saturday, and promptly taken out for a shakedown. We have a few bits of fine-tuning to improve her sail shape, but she is in service, in her summer sailing form – no need to struggle with the full cover, just the sail cover. Makes it quick and easy to get her out for a sail!

Button Swan got a couple of coats of bottom paint and a coat of turquoise (or as Interlux calls it – Sea Foam). She’s now been turned right-side-up and is being prepped for interior and deck paint, and varnish on her sheer strake and transom. All of her seats have been given the Arnt treatment of sanding and spray-on furniture-grade finish – they look amazing, and I can’t wait to see them back in the boat!

On Ragna’s shakedown sail on Saturday she was accompanied by Bruce and a few other OLAS members on Bruce’s recent acquisition Nansen – it was fun to see that bunch out there! The previous Saturday, Arnt rigged their tender Feather with a windsurfer sail and Anja’s topsail spar as a mast, and had a great sail along with Enke, and Dale’s SCAMP Luna. Good times!!

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