D’Arcy, Vogler, Sam Mc Launched

The weather was perfect for the re-launching of the Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club’s fleet last saturday.  After a liberal dousing of champagne on the bows by Ms. Leanne O’Grady, the transom of D’Arcy dipped into the cool waters of English Bay for the first time in two years.  Ms. O’Grady was first to take to the oars and many members had a chance to row the sixteen-foot vessel.  All agreed that she is a fine rowing craft.



The Sam Mc and Vogler were taken sailing and rowing respectively.  A fine breeze filled the Sam Mc’s Sail and she tacked and jibed more than a few times.  Many members took the Vogler for a tour of the harbour.  All in attendance seemed pleased to be out in a boat or mingling dockside.  All three vessels now rest dockside awaiting their next voyage.

D'Arcy re-launched!


Sam Mc sailing in background, Vogler rowing in foreground.

2 Replies to “D’Arcy, Vogler, Sam Mc Launched”

  1. I built a Buster 12×4 in the seventies: a bit vague now as far as remembering the date. Cat rig with the mast 2’ aft of the stem.
    I sold her to a French couple and lost track after that, until a few years ago, just pre-Covid, I think, I spotted what I thought was my boat on your web site. A distinctive yellow, carvel built and the same rig.
    I went down to have a look the next time I was in Vancouver and sure enough, there she was, rejuvenated. Distinctive tell-tales were the stealers in the plank not far above the garboard and the two piece breasthook. That and the dagger board trunk were Japanese oak and the transom was solid Honduras mahogany.
    Is she still there, being used?
    Dave Phillips
    Crofton, Vancouver Island.

    1. Hello David! I remember you wrote to us a while ago about this – I thought someone had tried to get in touch with you, but I’ll have another crack at it! I’ll send you an email at your address. This IS your boat, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about it!

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