Upcoming projects

Fancy pram floorboards;  Recently begun – this is an excellent project for new boatbuilders to get involved with.

Cover for the Darcy;  We have obtained a couple of large sections of tarp, which would help make a great cover for the Darcy.  Darcy needs a cover to prevent her filling up with rainwater.  We need to make a frame for the tarp, and shape the tarp to fit.

Flashing for the Shed;  Not a glamorous project, but the Shed needs some maintenance too.  We have obtained a piece of flashing for installation above the sliding doors.  Hopefully this will cut down on the rain blowing in through the gap at the top of the doors.  There are several other small maintenance items that need attention as weather permits (roof leaks, window sealing, etc.)

Spiling;  As part of the ongoing construction of the Gartside Pram, Ed Sturgeon has offered to put on a workshop in mid-January on spiling planks.  This is essential knowledge for us to continue with the planking on the pram.  This will be a very interesting workshop, and all aspiring boat builders are encouraged to attend!

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