Xmas Party 2013

The Xmas party this year was hosted in the lovely home of two of our members, Georgina and Tom Arntzen.  Food, drink and song was the order of the day as well as lots of conversation.  We had piano, drums, clarinet, guitars, banjo and assorted percussion instruments.  Lots of Xmas songs, sea shanties and other favourites.  Special thanks to the Arntzen family…Tom, Georgina, Evan, Kirsten and both Arnt’s and Rob O’dea too for playing and everyone else for singing.  It was also Georgina’s 60th birthday so lot’s of cake was eaten!

Was wonderful to have the time to catch up with everyone with no other agenda except for fun!   Here are a few photos.  My apologies as my camera was not on a good setting and with my broken arm I was one handed so a bit shaky…but you will get the feeling of the night.

Finally all the best for the holiday season and the new year to you and yours! …..Valerie


P1270473 P1270464 P1270485 P1270465 P1270484 P1270466 P1270474 P1270467 P1270477 P1270482 P1270478 P1270468 P1270479 P1270471 P1270480

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