Brent Ash initiated a Burgee Contest and at the AGM we voted for our top three.  The secret jury will pick the top one next month and we will produce some for our club and perhaps some for sale.  The participants were Daniel Friesen, Brent Ash, Bonita Eberl, Nick Bartley, Ed Sturgeon, Arnt Arntzen, Bernard Werner.

Here are their designs with the winners at the end.

IMG_3137 2 11 10 9 13 3 8 14a 5 6 14b

And the envelope please…..

Bernard Werner


Arnt Arntzen


Arnt Arntzen


Now for the Riff update:

IMG_1963 P1330453

So beautiful all painted inside and varnished with some of the hardware put on.  Flipped and keel started.

Next the hull will be painted a lovely blue, rigged and ready to go.  Stay tuned for launch date.


  1. That looks great Val. Thanks for getting this out there. – B.

    On Mon, Apr 20, 2015, at 04:35 PM, Oarlock and Sail Wooden Bo

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