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boat plans workshop & launching Vogler

by on March 27, 2016

Understanding boat plans was led by Nick Bartley with help from Gerry Stensgaard and hosted by Arnt Arntzen.  A great evening of discussing boat plans from 7 to 60 feet.  We learned terminology and how to go about choosing a boat design.

Here are a few photos of the evening and thanks to everyone who came out.


Martha and Brent checking out the variety of boat plans


Daniel and Rob with Martha in the background


Gary settling in for the presentation


Rob, Nick and Gerry


Oh and there was a bit of a distraction with Arnt showing off his new motor for ODIN, his 21 foot converted lifeboat to a sailboat.  Daniel and Arnt admire.


Gerry who is a naval architect had lots of good information



discussing Brent’s 60 foot boat Ricochet


Vogler was launched after an extensive restoration


the kids look comfortable in Vogler


great to see our whole fleet out….Vogler, Samack and Ragna


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