And now it is fall!

Here are some progress pics on the BUTTONSWAN PROJECT.  Thanks Daniel for the pics.

2016-07-09 14.35.38 (Large)2016-07-09 14.35.14 (Large)2016-07-09 14.34.55 (Large)2016-07-09 14.34.35 (Large)


We were part of the Granville Island Wooden Boat Festival again this year.

This is the bowsprit of the Anne Marie being worked on in front of our booth.


Here is Brent and Sebastion working on dorade vent boxes for the boat Richochet.  This demo organized by Peter and Brent, was a hit as it showed people the type of tools  we use and how this type of vent is made.  Many thanks to all the volunteers and Georgina for heading the organizing of this event.

Usually it is Rob who organizes the festival but this year he was doing a contract for Living Oceans and was up the tip of Vancouver Island in Sea Otter Cove picking up tsunami trash off very remote beaches.  One of our members Arnt also went up to help.  They probably gathered 50 giant bags of plastic, rope and styrofoam which amounts up to around 15000 pounds.   Lots of giant floats from fish farms and boats but lots of water bottles.  The take away from this is please don’t buy water in plastic bottles!  The bags will be picked up by helicopter and placed on a barge to be towed to Richmond for recycling, art projects, etc.  I am including this because as we all sail and row around the beautiful bays, inlets and islands of British Columbia it is important to realize how we keep it pristine. Here are a few photos of the salvage operation.




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