Thanksgiving progress report

A bit surprisingly, it was a very busy Saturday at the boat shed!  We had around 15 people at various times, and got a lot of work done.

We’ve got only 10 more frames to rivet in place, and we’ve removed all the temporary moulds – it’s looking nice and clean in the hull now!  (except for the tools left in place, ready for next weekend!)

We also got a start on some much-needed maintenance on the shed – Ken kicked it off with replacing some of the rotten studs below the windows, and we’ve got one window frame rebuilt with fresh wood.  It feels great to get this much-needed and long-delayed project started!  There’s just a sheet of plywood closing the window opening for now, but glass is on its way.

The boats have been seeing some action, which is always nice!

Looking forward to next weekend, when we’ll likely complete the frame fastening.  Then, perhaps the inwales?

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