December – Gunwales, Risers, Quarter knee

The boat shed is a great place to hang out on a foggy winter day!  Nice and cozy in there when we get the heat on, coffee brewed, and if we’re lucky, a nice selection of Christmas baking to go with it!

2017-12-09 09.57.12Work continues on the Button Swan Providence River boat, fastening gunwales, fitting the quarter knees, and making the thwart risers.

She’s really showing her lines nicely now, with the gunwales in place!

2017-12-23 12.25.20

The risers are being fitted, but may need some steaming in order to get them to twist into place.

2017-12-23 14.36.43

One of the quarter knees is mostly fitted, with (hopefully) just a little more tweaking to get it to the right place and angle.  Very tricky corner, that! And after the fitting is done, it will need some shaping, to make it less chunky.

We enjoyed the plane workshop led by Brent, learning about some of the many types of woodworking planes.  He brought a big chunk of yellow cedar, and gave us a chance to try out some of the planes.  It was a fun and interesting session!

Happy New Year, and hope to see you in the shop in the coming year – we are looking forward to completing our work on the boat, and launching her!

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