Decking has begun

The Oarlock and Sail boat shed is a beautiful place to be each Saturday, snow or sunshine (or both)!  Coffee is always brewed, and lately, we’ve had several projects in progress – the Button Swan Providence River boat is coming along nicely, looking amazing!

More knees have been made, these laminated.  Painting and varnishing has progressed, and is looking mighty fine!  Thanks to Rob and Arnt for their extra work in that, coming in during the week, so that the finish doesn’t get damaged when we’re working on Saturdays.

The deck boards were steamed and bent into their curved shape, then set aside when cooled.

We got a start on installing the deck this past Saturday – 3 strips on each side are in place, nailed and glued to each other, and nailed to the gunwales, with a generous coating of sealer between.

Other projects included completing the rudder and getting a coat of varnish on it, installing the gaff jaws on the spars, and oiling the floorboards.  It’s so satisfying getting some of the components completed and set aside, ready for final assembly – it’s looking like a late spring completion!

In the meantime, we had a boat launching on the dock – Arnt had salvaged and repaired a dinghy for his boat, Odin.  She was put in the water and the test voyage was deemed a success!  And our fine boats Vogler and Ragna are being put to regular use.  Lots of action and good times down at the dock!

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