Seats and Spars

Some wonderful progress on the Button Swan Providence River Boat.  The yellow cedar floorboards have been cut out and fitted to the boat, held together with white oak battens.

Bob, one of our members, knows his way around sail design, and has done the calculations for our boat.  We decided on some changes to the shape and size of the sails to reduce the length of the boom a bit, as the original design has an overwhelmingly long one, and we’re not sure we could manage the dock space!  This seems a little more practical.


The seats have been shaped and fitted, and got a couple of coats of varnish – so beautiful!!  Thanks to Leif (our member from New York City who was here on a visit) for a few of the photos below.  Leif has been a generous supporter of the club, and was super inspired by our boat build!  He owns Polaris, a Concordia 41, and had help from his brother Arnt with his mast rebuild last year.

And, thanks to Arnt and Rob, we’ve got a start on shaping the spars – the bow-sprit even has a coat of varnish on it!


The boat is looking more beautiful each week!!

And to maintain our workshop, Nick did some great work yesterday on replacing the fascia board at the roof-line of our shed, and installing some flashing to try to prevent the leak which has been a problem lately.  Hopefully this will keep our tools dry!

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