Boat Show Setup

1-2018-08-23 21.29.28

Yesterday we brought 3 of our boats over to Granville Island for the Wooden Boat Festival.  Ragna and Vogler were lifted up and over the dock, to rest in their regular sheltered spot.  We brought the Button Swan up into the Market Square, next to our tent – but it wasn’t quite that simple!  The ramp at the west end of the island didn’t turn out to be as wide as we’d thought, and so after a bit of head-scratching and talking to the organizers, we were given a spot in the water, along with the bigger boats (photo below is a temporary mooring while looking for a spot).  That didn’t sit comfortably with us, and so we scouted a spot to take her out of the water, first on Google Maps, and then checking it out in person.  We found a spot on the other side of the island, in Alder Bay (where we’ll be hosting the dinghy races on Saturday!).  After un-stepping the mast to take it under the walkway, we were able to drag it up the beach on the dolly, and paraded along the streets to the square, MUCH to our relief!  And she looks mighty fine there!

Last week, Dale was busy scrubbing Vogler’s bottom, and giving her a fresh coat of paint – she’s sure to win the rowing race now!

Hope to see you at the show!  The racing is Saturday August 25th at 11:00.

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