So close! Party to come.

Two dates to keep in mind:

  • November 30th, relaunch of our current project
  • December 7th, start of our next project, and a party to celebrate

01-2019-11-16 10.19.10

Last Saturday we came in to see a beautiful set of floorboards for the Davidson dinghy, ready to oil and fasten in place – it’s always fun to see what the boat-shed elves get up to during the week!

We then worked on the cleats and toggles to hold them in place, even when the boat is stored upside down on the deck of its mothership.  We got them shaped and epoxied in place.

This past Saturday we got the final coat of paint on the interior, and fastened the name-board.  We look forward to launching Venus this coming Saturday, November 30th – come down to take a look at our work and help us send her off!

The next weekend, December 7th, we’ll be starting our next build, an Ian Oughtred designed ‘Auk’, a dinghy for Brent’s Kettenburg sloop.  We’ll get started on the strongback and molds, and then have a bit of an early Christmas celebration as well.  We invite you to the shed to join in and learn more about the project!  We’ll supply the snacks, and ask you to BYOB.  Festivities start around 1pm.

Last Saturday was also a ‘tool improvement’ day, with new planer blades, the start of a dust collection hood for the planer, a new cordless driver, an adapter for dust collection for the tablesaw, and a new bandsaw blade.  The bandsaw is a whole new tool, cutting so nicely!!  We look forward to enjoying all the improvements!

Hope to see you at the dock!

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