More paint, floorboards, and a couple of great opportunities

01-2019-10-26 11.49.25

The Davidson dinghy is looking better all the time, and is getting close to done!  We painted the seats green, and are now working on the floorboards, which will also be painted to match.

We’ll be fastening the floorboard assemblies with toggles to hold them in place when the boat is stored upside down on the deck of the mothership.

07-2019-10-26 11.49.53

We’re still working on covers for the Button Swan and Vogler.  Here we’re trying out some material that we got for free, but upon reconsideration, decided to buy some proper material that would last a lot longer.

We’ve been enjoying some great sailing on Arnt & Valerie’s boat Anje – she’s such a fun boat to sail!

11-2019-11-02 10.15.59

Arnt & Valerie have put Odin up for sale – if you’re looking for a sweet gaff-rigged double-ender, take a look at  I’ve suggested renaming our club as Oarlock, Sail & Diesel Wooden & Aluminum Boat Club and buying Odin, but it hasn’t gained much traction.

We have an opportunity to help our former club member Ed fulfill a dream, and preserve history.  Ed’s message:

We seem to be starting a little project acquiring old Nova Scotian schooners, repairing them, and getting them sailing in a fleet of tour boats, community engagement workshops, day charters, etc…
Here are some links to the project:  –  You’ll find the link to the GoFundMe effort here.
Tell your friends?!

He mentions being interested in an old boatyard where Rob, Georgina & Tom’s boat was built.  Georgina adds:

When Tom and I were in Nova Scotia, we made a connection with a neighbour who lives next door to the now quite broken down boatshed where our lovely Ern was built. Right after making that connection, we went to see Ed Sturgeon, his wife Louise and new baby Beatrix. Tom told him the story of the shed.. at the time I wondered if Ed Sturgeon might just be the guy to do something about restoring that place. He does have the energy, drive and skills. Well…. looks like something might just happen with that.

So, if you’re willing to do so, it would be great to help Ed in that venture – and potentially keeping a historic boatyard alive!

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