We’re still refining the stem, inner keel, and transom.  The stem is looking so great, with the laminated sapele!

The bevel edge on the transom is as close as we want to get at this point – when we start planking, we’ll do the final shaping.  Speaking of planking, the yellow cedar boards are now in the shed, under the strongback.

We’ve glued up the inner keel, in which we had cut a stopped rip cut in the rear half, to make the fairly tight bend to the transom.

Out on the dock, Ern is getting a new cabin-top, and Tom was working on removing the old.  Anja’s mast got lowered, in preparation for her new cabin and mast.  It went perfectly smoothly, as Arnt used a temporary A-frame to create the proper leverage.  Thanks to Duane for putting together this video:

It was a satisfying and enjoyable day at the boat shed!

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