COVID-19 Hiatus

Last week we decided to discontinue our Saturday workshops for a while, until the pandemic has been brought under control.

Before that happened though, we got the stem glued to the inner keel, and have a good start on the shaping.  The joint between the two has been faired, and the bevel for the planking started.

06-2020-03-07 14.53.20

The inner keel has been (temporarily) fastened to the transom – when we do the final fastening, we’ll countersink the screws.

Duane is continuing to record video of our work – here’s some of the glueup of the stem and keel.

It’s always interesting to see the less-common tools that people have – Brent brought this sweet little round-over plane – it makes quick work of softening an edge, and does so quietly, without dust!

Our boats are going out regularly – last weekend before ‘social distancing’ came into effect, Dale and I enjoyed a peaceful sail in Button Swan – even with a light wind, she moves along steadily.  We split an apple with Dale’s souvenir of his participation in the first leg of the 2017 Race To Alaska.  That day’s conditions were not nearly as peaceful!

Over on Anja, Arnt is doing beautiful work on the cabin top!  After cutting off the coaming, he cut out the hole in the deck to make way.

The following Saturday, he enlisted a bunch of club members’ help to bring the cabin top down from his truck to the dock, and then onto the boat.  Duane was there to record much of it!

It’s fascinating to see it coming together so beautifully!

31-2020-03-14 15.03.11

Although we’re not working in the shed, the dock is still open if you want to come down on your own to use the boats (if you’re an OSBUG member) or to just enjoy a bit of an escape.  There’s a gentleman who has been enjoying some sketching.

And, with all the changes in our lives, some companies are providing cheap or free entertainment.   If you follow Small Boats Magazine (an online magazine) on Instagram or Facebook, they are offering one month free, which includes access to their archives!  Off Center Harbor (an extensive video resource) is offering an 8 week membership for only $5, an amazing deal!

33-2020-03-21 13.12.44

Until things improve, stay well, stay safe.

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