Vancouver International Boat Show 2012

OLAS was at the Vancouver International Boat Show (Feb. 9-12) as part of the Wooden Boat Alley display.  We had our partly completed Gartside Pram on display, and Gerry Stensgaard even added a couple of planks during the show.  There were also a pair of oars which received some shaping.  This was a popular activity with young boaters.  The Wooden Boat Alley booth attracted a lot of attention from the Boat Show public and also from the media.  The Boat Show is a great opportunity for the club to get exposure to the boating community.  Plus the Wooden Boat Alley booth provides the Boat Show with a  popular attraction that adds character and interest to the Show.  We would like to thank all the Volunteers that came out and helped to set up our booth, man the booth during the show, and take everything down at the end.  Rod Tait at Orca Boats has generously offered to store the Booth at his shop so that we can do it again next year.

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