March 3rd boat shed update

Bit by bit things are getting accomplished in the boat shed.  Last week was exciting, with 90km winds battering the shed.  Fortunately the windstorm occurred on a saturday, so members were on hand to retrieve fenders that had been pushed under the dock, add more fenders, and generally make things secure.  Some minor damage occurred where the shed was rubbing up against the dock.

The week before, new overhead lumber storage racks were built in the shed, allowing us to store more long pieces of lumber up off the floor.  This week Darcy was turned over in preparation for having her name painted on the transom.  This might sound easy, but Darcy is a big boat, and needs several people to turn her over.  Plus, three other boats had to be moved out of the shed first, then back in afterward.  The bandsaw and sanding centre have been placed in their new locations.

A very full boat shed with four boats inside.


Boats temporarily on the dock.
Darcy's transom ready for name painting

Once Darcy has her name on the transom (hopefully in a couple of weeks), we should be able to move her out of the shed to make some space.  Also coming up will be our Annual General Meeting in the next couple of weeks.

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