A Visit With Ricochet

May we present: Ricochet


This upcoming saturday, March 15,  Brent Ash has invited all interested OLAS members to visit with his project, a 1956 46′ Kettenburg PCC (Pacific Cruising Class) Sloop called Ricochet.  After an unfortunate sinking, Brent with help from Ed Sturgeon and various others, has been rebuilding Ricochet with hopes to launch summer 2014.

The boat is currently on the hard at Shelter Island Marina, 6911 Graybar Rd, in a white with red-ends tarp-on-frame shelter in the north alley near the parking lot.  Park in the lot, walk in the main gate, turn north (away from the river) at Variety Marine and walk through the boats toward the red-ended shelter.  Or if the small north gate is open, come right in and find us four or five sheds in.  Sounds more complicated than it is.  Hope to see you there!


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