Saturday build and farewell to Ed!

Our October Saturdays are pretty busy with lofting and building the station molds for the Providence River Boat.  Last Saturday we also sat around after, ordered pizza, learned knot tying (thanks to Georgina for supplying the wonderful handmade kits) and heard stories from Ed about his next adventure.  Here are a few photos…..

view of our workshop and working on Ragna’s rig.
The plans for Providence
making the station molds from the lofted plans
we are using spruce for the station molds.
Our leader Ed for the Providence.
giving instructions on what next
Helene on the bandsaw making the station molds
this is the maquette of the Providence for reference
it takes teamwork to build a boat
Martha explaining what we do to some visitors.
This is Finn, the boat Ed built and will be towing back to Nova Scotia when he leaves in November. He will be missed and we wish him all the best on his new adventures!
Next week we make the big list with Ed with all the steps listed to build the Providence.


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