Getting ready for our next build!

Yes our IndieGoGo campaign is at an end but the fundraising is still going on.  We have raised over a third of the money but still looking for help.  Please join our club or contact us to donate.  We hope to build this Providence River Boat.


This was a boat documented by Howard Chapelle and built in 1875 by a man named Button Swan. It was once common at the head of Narragansett Bay, near Providence, Rhode Island.  The original boat was commonly used for crab fishing. It featured a live well and carried a huge gaff rig. The boat would be 12’ 4” long with a beam of 5’ 3”.  It’s got an unstayed cat rig with an optional head sail (jib).  The traditional type of building would be Lapstrake (Clinker) planks on steam bent hardwood frames (ribs).

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