AGM and members helping members.


Annual General Meeting
April 13, 2017
Vancouver Maritime Museum 1905 Ogden Avenue, Vancouver, BC
doors open at 5:30 – meeting 6:00 – 7:30
Please contact Rob O’Dea at 604-657-1999 for any questions.

here is our new piece of dock…look forward to making use of this

One of our members, Leif Arntzen has a 41′ Concordia Sloop named Polaris in New York and was lamenting to another of our members Arnt Arntzen, who happens to be his brother how he was feeling a bit overwhelmed re-gluing his mast.  Having helped his other brother, member Tom Arntzen and member Rob O’Dea build a completely new mast for ERN, he donned his cape and flew out east to help out.  Here are a few photos from the fix.


Polaris 2015 ready for the mast


Arnt helped to put the mast up in 2015 as well

here is the 2017 re-glue


with the help of nephew Evan, Leif made all the clamps


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