AGM, NYC boat work, Buttonswan update and a couple great video links!

The AGM was held April 13, 2017 and the new board is up and running.  One of our board members left, thanks Peter Pierobon and we welcome Daniel Freisen.  All the rest of us got voted back on and look forward to another year of boating and building.

Leif Arntzen our member in New York with Polaris has his new mast stepped and here are a few more pics leading up to that.


The whiskey plank on the Buttonswan is being planned for April 29th if all goes well.
A few pics by Arnt and Georgina Arntzen on work at the dock.

Martha and Brent

The Martha and Brent team!

Martha sawing

Dale Bailing

Dale…first we bail and then we row!

Dale rowing

Is this our new uniform?



The Buttonswan progress!


Also here are a couple of cool links:

*this one of Daniel sailing with Odin

*this one from the Off Center Crew about building a boat over the summer with some kids.  Pay special attention to how to tie a figure eight knot for the painter by the blonde boy …. so hilarious and you will never forgot how to tie it!!

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