And then there’s green

09-2019-10-19 13.46.56

The Davidson dinghy is looking sharp, with a coat of green on the gunwales and below the waterline.  The remainder of the hull will get a coat of cream colour.

To mark the waterline, we put the boat in the water (which was very cooperatively calm), taped a pencil to a chunk of wood, and floated it to mark the hull.  Worked nicely!

Once we had it marked all around, we brought it into the shed, dried it off, taped to follow the line, and applied a coat of green.  We succumbed to temptation for some bright-work, and have started varnishing the transom – sure looks good!  The seats inside may just get green as well, to finish off the look.

We’ve installed an electrical outlet on the outside of the shed, which will help keep cords from getting stuck in the door and out from under foot.  After it was hooked up, we tested it with the sewing machine, which Tom brought to do some more boat cover work.  Too bad the rain prevented us from working on the Button Swan cover though – maybe next week.

13-2019-10-19 11.17.29

We had an inquiry recently about a small row-boat for some kids, so we tested the Fancy Pram for stability/suitability.  We’re not sure it would be appropriate – it really is just a bit too tippy for comfort and safety – you can tell by Kayla’s worried look!

14-2019-10-12 10.59.49

We’ve decided on our next project, for when we complete the Davidson dinghy – we’ll be building a glued lapstrake dinghy.  This will be for Brent, one of our members, to use on his boat Ricochet, which he is restoring.  The design is an Ian Oughtred ‘Auk’.  Brent will be supplying the materials and will be making a donation to the club, which will go toward the next boat – we’d love to hear your thoughts on what that should be!

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