Painting the Pram and the Vancouver Boat Show

Well now, the pram is coming along swimmingly, and soon shall be swimming.  Painting and final fitting out is underway at Peter’s shop these past few weekends, so you won’t find us at the boat shed this saturday.

Instead we’ll be armed with brushes in our painting clothes, putting the finishing touches on this beautiful little Paul Gartside-designed, Oarlock and Sail-built pram.   After six or seven years this little craft has become quite a beauty.


 This past weekend we attended the Vancouver Boat Show at B.C. Place.   Wooden Boat Alley was another great success.  Many members volunteered to represent the OLAS at the show.  Under the banner of the Vancouver Wooden Boat Society, we were flanked by a strip plank builder, a wooden surfboard artisan, and a creator of skin-on-frame kayaks.

Below a stalwart sentry takes a break during a slow moment, likely before the show opened to the public, as brewed bean bevies can be seen near at hand.

The Gartside pram made an appearance in fine form, and attracted plenty of complimentary interest.   Many thanks to all those who volunteered at the show!


Come see us saturday mornings at the boat shed on the harbour in front of the Vancouver Maritime Museum.