Finishing up the Vogler

A few pictures by Daniel from the last Saturday.  Riveting the Vogler and then a bit of a row in Ragna. Next is painting and brightwork getting her all ready for spring rowing.  Then back to the Providence River Boat!

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2016-02-06 12.25.57

Winter Wander & Sailing Talk

Oarlock and Sail participated in Winter Wander this year as part of the Vancouver Maritime Museum.  We taught people knot tying and demonstrated our boat building skills at the workshop.  Had our boats uncovered and people on hand to talk about the club and our boats.


As part of our workshop/seminar series we had skippers Rob O’Dea and Arnt Arntzen give a talk and slideshow presentation at the Maritime Museum about their circumnavigation of Vancouver Island.  We were packed to the rafters and they inspired a few sailors to take the same voyage.